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Giving Made Easy (and helpful)

Sep. 6, 2022
P.O. Box 321
Oxford, Oh 45046
Jan. 1, 2022
Jul. 7, 2022
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Welcome to Ohio Hound Rescue (dba Three Sisters Pet Rescue)

Need Help??

1) If you are a shelter seeking Rescue Help, send photos and description to Houndweb@gmail.comOur board will review it and get back to you if we believe we have a suitable placement.
2)  If you wish to adopt it is best to place an application FIRST, before you message us, as we do not discuss pets until we know who we are speaking to. 
*TO THE PUBLIC: We cannot accept strays, for legal reasons. Please work with your local animal control to find a lost pet's family. 
**We sometimes offer re-homing assistance! Please email Houndweb@gmail.com with photos & description. We will respond with options we can offer.